A selection of some of the artists, albums and records that have been recorded at Sun Street Recording Studios over the years.

Songs from Sun Street Album

The Saw Doctors

The Tuam band have a long history with the studio, recording albums like 'Songs from Sun Street' here.

Seamus Ruttledge Songs To Have With Your Tea

Seamus Ruttledge

Folk singer Seamus worked on albums like 'New Boots, New Shoots' & 'Songs To Have With Your Tea' at Sun Street.

Paul Cunniffe - Excuse My Accent

Paul Cunniffe

Paul's posthumous album Excuse My Accent was engineered and produced at Sun Street Studios.

Judas Diary

Judas Diary

Popular Galway band from the 90s famous for their live shows. A unique mix of pop, funk, & folk.


Tuam brothers Dan & Gerry Trayers recorded their debut album "Coming Down" at Sun Street Studios.

The Ralphs 21st Century Window


Tuam alt rock quartet recorded the 21st Century Window EP and debut single Waste Of Time/Gunfire at Sun Street.

Sean Keane

Sean Keane

Traditional Irish singer Sean Keane has been a regular visitor to the studio, recording albums like 'Seánsongs'.

Darragh O'Dea

Former frontman with Strange Boats and The Coonics is currently recording his debut album at Sun Street Studios for release in 2021.

Big Bag of Sticks

Galway-based trad, reggae, punk, and ska outfit from the 1990s fronted by the charismatic Peat Bog.

Euro neverland

Mayo indie group whose debut album 'Darker Black Than Colour' was called "a most excellent debut release".

The Inflatable Sideshow

Galway group from the late 90s who recorded the brilliantly named "The Mush E.P."

The Coonics

Indie four-piece from Tuam who recorded their debut EP featuring single 'Skinny Jeans' in 2009 at Sun Street.

Padraig Stevens News From The Old Country

Padraig Stevens

Padraig's recorded his albums 'Sound', 'Puddles & Rainbows' & 'News from The Old Country' here.

Seamie O'Dowd Headful of Echoes

Seamie O'Dowd

Well-known guitarist Seamie has recorded solo material, like his debut album, Headful of Echoes, at Sun Street.

Micheal & Eilish Visions of Ireland

Micheál & Eilish

Their 'Visions of Ireland' is an Irish traditional instrumental album that was hugely popular in the US.

Maigh Sheola

A collection of ancient songs from Galway & Mayo performed by local trad musicians.

Jean Healy Joyce

Renowned Irish solo singer who has had a career spanning over 60 years.

Strange Boats

The Coonics, reinvented as Strange Boats in 2012, worked at Sun Street Studios to produce debut album 'Gnome'.

Mary McPartlan Holland Handkerchief

Mary McPartlan

The late great Mary McPartlan recorded albums like 2003's The Holland Handkerchief at Sun Street.

Cane 141

Electronica/indie pop act from Galway who recorded album "Garden Tiger Moth" at Sun Street.


Fondly remembered 5-piece band from Tuam who toured around Europe playing Irish traditional music.

Ultan Conlon

Ultan Conlon

Galway singer-songwriter Ultan recorded his 2020 release "In the Blink Of An Eye" at Sun Street.

Jim McKee


Artist & singer/songwriter from Tyrone who recorded 2008's "Just a Piece Of" at Sun Street.

Songs From The Broken Wheel

Songs From A Broken Wheel

50 original songs from Tuam artists on a 3-disk CD. Released in 2010.

Cora and Breda Smyth

Cora & Breda Smyth

Mayo sisters Cora & Breda Smyth recorded their debut album at Sun Street Studios.

Pier Nineteen

Tuam indie band who recorded debut album "At Evensong" at Sun Street Studios in 2006.

Gerry O'Connor

Gerry O'Connor

Master Irish folk musician recorded his highly-rated third solo album at Sun Street Studios in Tuam.


Honolulu-born folk singer and guitarist who recorded his album "Phoenix Song Dogs" at Sun Street.

RTÉ Contempo Quartet

2015's "New Airs" was described as " a unique album that unites the Classical music world with Irish rock & pop music".

The Kanyu Tree

The Kanyu Tree

The Kanyu Tree's "infectious" single Congratulations was recorded at Sun Street in 2012.

Mairtin O'Connor

World-famous accordion virtuoso Maírtín O'Connor has recorded full-length albums at Sun Street Studios.

The Whileaways

The Whileaways

Irish folk trio The Whileaways brought their angelic harmonies and sweet sounds to Sun Street Studios.

Noelie McDonnell

Noelie McDonnell

Singer-songwriter Noelie recorded his debut album with Ken Ralph at Sun Street Studios in 2006.

The Folk Footballers

15 songs about Galway Football written & recorded by Leo Moran & Padraig Stevens.

Ann Kirrane - One Small Star

Ann Kirrane

Irish folk singer and musician from the famous Droney family of Bellharbour, Co Clare.